What You Need To Know When Buying Land


You may be surprised how much critical thought and practicality goes into the process of choosing land… and it’s important all factors are considered as they will influence what is and isn’t possible for you to build. At Renwick Homes, we offer home and land packages however for our clients looking at just our custom building service, we take the time to help them understand the land they’re building on by considering the following questions: ~ Does the land fit the size of the home you want to build? ~ Does the soil type dictate a more expensive foundation and can you accommodate this cost? ~ What line of sight will your neighbours have into your property or home? ~ Are any council codes or zoning restrictions going to inhibit you from building what you want? ~ Are services such as electricity and sewerage already linked to the property? To learn more about this balancing act, download our eBook ~ https://go.rt-d.com/renwick-homes-ebook

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